Ghost town for sale for just $1.75m has bar, general store

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Ever fancied buying yourself an entire town? Well there’s 16 hectare one in Arizona up for sale. It might be defunct and labelled a ghost town, but according to the listing has a lot of potential.

On the market for just $1.75 ($US1.25m), the town includes a bar, general store and about 20 other buildings mainly made up of the town’s original homes.

Cleator ghost town Arizona defunct buildings

It might not look like much, but there’s a lot of potential here according to the listing. Picture:

Established in 1864 as a gold-mining town, then it was called Turkey Creek. It is now names Cleator after James P. Cleator, who purchased the town in 1925. The town is still in the hands of relatives of Mr Cleator who have put it up for sale.

When the post office closed in 1954 the population is said to have dwindled and that’s when it became a “ghost town”.

Defunct Arizona Cleator town general store and bar

Can you imagine this restored and thriving? Picture:

If you’re looking for a career pivot, the purchase price also includes mining rights for the land.

So what might one do with such a town? Well, as stop en route to nearby roads that connect the city of Prescott and Phoenix, it could function as a stopping point and therefore offering a number of commercial opportunities.

Aerial view Cleator town Arizona

It certainly looks picturesque when you take in the wider surroundings. Picture:

The listing agent has even suggested some kind of a “ghost town” bar.

Old bar in Cleator ghost town Arizona

Would you stop here on a road trip? Picture:

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